Amongst all the international tournaments currently underway across the globe, another festival of football was underway in Canada, with the adidas Tango League tournament taking place in Toronto. And for the first time ever in Tango League history, adidas Canada invited both male and female teams to compete on the pitch.

The Toronto Tango League takeover saw a warehouse transformed into a club of footballing culture, as Canada’s finest went at it in a series of small-sided showdowns with the ultimate aim of being declared champions of this leg of the tour and taking their game to the next level. All players took to the pitch in the adidas Nemeziz 19.3 from the “302 Redirect” pack, testing out the agility on offer from the tweaked trainer.

Tango Toronto June 2019_0067_DSC08872.jpg
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Tango Toronto June 2019_0046_ANew The.97 x Adidas x Pique - 27 Post #3-1.jpg
Tango Toronto June 2019_0041_New The.97 x Adidas x Pique - 18 Post #2-1.jpg
Tango Toronto June 2019_0040_New The.97 x Adidas x Pique - 19 Post #2-1.jpg
Tango Toronto June 2019_0031_The.97 x Adidas x Pique - 4-1.jpg
Tango Toronto June 2019_0029_The.97 x Adidas x Pique - 6 Post #2-1.jpg
Tango Toronto June 2019_0011_IMG_3456.jpg

With a back drop of beats provided by Canadian hip hop duo 88Glam, it was Cafeteros and Red Girlz who were crowned Toronto’s Kings and Queens of the cage. And the fun didn’t stop there, with the event also boasting a Makerlab with customisable player shirts and a “Make your own player card” station. Events on the pitches were followed up by an after party of epic proportions, where the bespoke beat of creativity continued.

Tango Toronto June 2019_0005_IMG_4148.jpg
Tango Toronto June 2019_0004_IMG_4151.jpg
Tango Toronto June 2019_0003_IMG_4173.jpg
Tango Toronto June 2019_0002_IMG_4194.jpg
Tango Toronto June 2019_0008_IMG_3508.jpg

With the focus on the female game constantly growing, this event was yet another step in the right direction for gender equality in sport, and guests were provided with a female-focused First Edition Tango League Magazine to mark the event. Small-sided game, big occasion.

Tango Toronto June 2019_0013_IMG_3411.jpg

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