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PUMA Drop The 22/23 EFL & Carabao Cup Match Balls

Coinciding with fixture release day, PUMA have unveiled the 22/23 official match balls for the English Football League and the Carabao Cup.

Entering what will be the second season in partnership, PUMA have unveiled the official match balls for 22/23 for both the EFL and Carabao Cup. Both balls are the brand’s Orbita model that has been used for the recently released Serie A and La Liga 22/23 match balls, but they come with their own graphic treatment, providing their own visual identity on the pitch, complete with competition branding. As well as the standard version of the EFL ball, there is also the High-Vis version, which will come into play in November.

puma balls 7-min.jpg
puma balls 8-min.jpg

From a technology perspective, the PUMA Orbita ball offers a unique configuration of 12 large star-shaped panels which results in a reduced number of seams, allowing for a better connection with the ball. The ORBITA uses state-of-the-art technology to create the optimal sphere that maintains its shape and allows for less water absorption.

A POE foam is added to increase touch sensitivity, providing a firmer feel and better bounce consistency. In addition, the 1.2mm textured 3D PU surface improves aerodynamics and makes the ball more resistant to abrasion and wear, resulting in increased durability. The ball also features a rubber bladder and PAL (PUMA Air Lock) valve for optimal air retention and rebound properties.

puma balls 6-min.jpg
puma balls 5-min.jpg
puma balls 4-min.jpg
puma balls 3-min.jpg

Pick up the 22/23 EFL and Carabao Cup match balls at

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