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Football Type | Levante U.D.

The ever giving exploration of typography that beautifully infests the game, Jorge Lawerta was enlisted by Levante U.D. to help create the name and number style for the 15/16 season.

Jorge has brought a number of truly unique designs to the club over the past. A portfolio of enviable quantities, he's raw though character fueled style of illustration offers a fresh perspective of design in the football world. The font created for the 15/16 season is testament to this. The finished article as shown above, this sketch shows the type in it's early stages.

Some description

Often an overlooked part of kit design, typography and the finer details are elements of contemporary football shirts that offer an outlet for designers to express the characteristics of the club. This Levante U.D. 15/16 piece of work is a celebration of contemporary football - utterly cool.


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