PSG youngster Hugo Ekitiké has become one of the first athlete’s to show off the next generation adidas X boot, wearing a blackout prototype of the upcoming boot in a training session last week.

Doesn’t feel like all that long since we got the last adidas X upgrade in the form of the Speedportal, but its a fast moving world these days and so we’re already getting an early look at the next generation, with PSG’s Hugo Ekitiké training in a clean looking blackout prototype. In all fairness, we’re fast approaching April now (when did that happen?!?) And the likelihood is that this new X will be out around July, 12 months on from the Speedportal’s release, so it’s about right that we’re starting to see black out versions being tested out by players.

ekitike 3-min.jpg
ekitike 2-min.jpg

Hugo Ekitiké has stuck with the laceless ‘+’ version of the new X, which is also his preferred option in the current Speedportal model. The whole point of these prototypes being blacked out is to hide any tech updates, and it certainly does that job here, mostly shrouding the boot in mystery. But there are a few things that we can see: first up, the texture of the upper has been altered, suggesting some new tech in use there. Gone are the raised textured elements from the side of the boot, while there’s also a change to the external heel counter.

Subtle, but likely impactful, we look forward to seeing more of the new adidas X in the coming weeks and months ahead of its official launch.

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