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Gabriel Jesus Trains In Next-Gen adidas X 20+

As we head into the business end of the season brands are already locking eyes on next season by dishing out prototype boots to their headline players to gauge feedback. Next up is Gabriel Jesus who slipped into a blackout version of the next-generation adidas X 20+ this week.

The Manchester City striker has been wearing the adidas X 19+ all season, as well as wearing the X 18+ before that, so he's well placed to provide feedback to the Three Stripes on how he rates the next-generation edition which will likely be launched ahead of the summer, should the EURO 2020 tournament actually go ahead. For now though, it'll remain in that blackout colourway to hide any obvious tech upgrades and colourways.


What we're looking at is another laceless edition, as has become standard on all adidas silos this season. The Brazilian's boots feature a smooth all over upper with a slightly re-designed, straighter-cut laceless 'tongue' area to presumably improve fit and tightness around the top of the foot. The X remains the adidas speed boot option thanks to its lightweight design, so tech-wise we're not expecting a complete overhaul across the silo, but adidas could mix things up by introducing a more disruptive aesthetic to differentiate it from the current X 19+ series. But all of that will have to wait for now, as adidas have no immediate plans to release the X20. 


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