Lucy Bronze has given us one of our first looks at the next generation of Nike’s iconic Tiempo line, training in a blacked out prototype version of the new boot at the Lionesses’ latest training camp.

The next Tiempo is set to be a big departure from what’s gone before, after Nike announced that they would no longer be using K-leather in the construction of their boots beyond 2023. That material has been an integral part of the boots design from its inception waaaay back in the 80’s, so you can see why there’s a lot of interest in terms of what Nike do with what we’re assuming will be the Legend X. But based on what we’re seeing on the feet of Lucy Bronze, first impressions are very positive…

bronze 3-min.jpg
bronze 2-min.jpg

The biggest compliment we can pay the as-yet unreleased Tiempo is that it looks leather. Sure, the blacked out colourway helps with that, disguising texture and any other innovations that may be hidden under the hood, but there is definitely a plush look to the boot that you’d associate with leather. It looks as though Nike have done a great job in replicating the look, and here’s hoping the feel will follow. The absence of any stitch lines is nothing new, but it looks like there are some grooves added for extra cushioning on the ball.

All in all, these early signs certainly scream Tiempo to us, so looking forward to seeing more in the coming weeks and months as we build up to a release.

bronze 5-min.jpg
bronze 4-min.jpg

Expect the next gen Nike Tiempo to drop later this year...