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Minamino Gives Close Up Look At Next-Gen adidas X

Nice spot coming from the Japan training camp this week, where Southampton’s Takumi Minamino has been seen wearing a black out prototype of the next generation adidas X, giving us a real close up look at the upcoming release.

Joining Italian internationals Stefano Sensi and Cristiano Biraghi, Japan's Takumi Minamino has become the latest player to slip into the next-gen adidas X prototype, wearing them in training with his international teammates. We say slipped into because unlike the Italians, Minamino has opted for the + version, giving us not just a glimpse at the laceless silhouette, but a really clear detailed look at the upper and soleplate.

x 2-min.jpg

It doesn’t feel like long ago at all that the X Ghosted dropped, and yet we’re already looking at a new version of the X silo. But that’s the world of football boot design these days, no resting up. So for the revamped version, it looks like we’re getting a totally new upper with a distinct 3D texture in the tongue area and down the centre. That wavy new aesthetic is instantly reminiscent of the current COPA Sense. This change could be in part because of some complaints that the Translucent Mirageskin upper was too thin. One area where there didn’t seem to be any complaints was with the soleplate though, and that doesn’t look to have been altered too much, if at all. Does that mean it will still boast the carbon fibre plate? Impossible to tell, but we’d bet that it will. 

On a side note, another interesting point from Minamino wearing these is that the Japan international has recently been wearing the Nemeziz. Rumours are suggesting that the Nemeziz may be on the way out, with several players switching to the X, most notably Minamino’s Liverpool teammate, Roberto Firmino. So is this another indicator that the Nemeziz could be staring retirement in the face, or is it just that Minamino fancied a change? Time will tell.

x 5-min.jpg
x 4-min.jpg

Stay locked on this space for more news on the next-gen adidas X as and when it drops.

Daniel Jones

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