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Rodrigo Bentancur Gives Best Look Yet At Next-Gen adidas Predator

Putting it through its paces, Rodrigo Bentancur gave us a great look at the even more aggressive aesthetic of the upcoming next-generation adidas Predator when he wore them in a recent Juventus training session.

We’ve seen the new Predator prototype on the feet of several pros now, including Paul Pogba in the + and Sokratis in the low cut .1, but now we’ve got our best look yet after Rodrigo Bentancur stepped in them for Juve’s most recent training session. The next generation of the Predator line is rumoured to be dropping in early 2021, and it’s poised to be one of the silo’s most aggressive looking models to date, with an updated ‘Demonskin’ upper and reworked collar shape.

bentancur 2-min.jpg
bentancur 1-min.jpg

Bentancur was wearing the laceless + version of the boot, and the spike setup was clearly visible across the revamped ‘Demonskin’ upper. It sees what seems to be slightly elongated spikes travelling further around the sides of the boot in an almost flowing motion. They also appear like they might even travel onto the primeknit collar. That collar is also much higher around the rear of the foot, travelling up the tendon, probably included to help when getting the boot on.

The Predator Mutator arrived on the scene to an initially mixed reaction, with a look unlike anything else that had debuted on the pitch before. But now that looks set to be trumped with whatever this new Predator will be called. Not quite gone to the extremes of concept designer Finn Rush-Taylor, but certainly heading in that direction.

bentancur 4-min.jpg
bentancur 3-min.jpg

Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming Predator...

Daniel Jones

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