The clocks have gone back, the temperature has dropped, and now the third sign that it’s winter is upon us is here, with the arrival of the Premier League 21/22 Hi-Vis ball from Nike, which features a design inspired by comic books and superheroes.

The Premier League is the most watched football league in the world, and the match ball represents the action on the pitch. Three months into the 21/22 season and the dwindling light makes it necessary for it to be refreshed, ensuring all eyes can follow it wherever it goes, thanks to a brighter “Yellow/Blue/Laser Crimson/White” colourway that’s been executed in a unique graphic presentation. Expect the new match ball to take over from the regular ball from this weekend onwards.

hi viz 2-min.jpg
hi viz 3-min.jpg

So the inspiration behind the new look ball comes from the idea of super heroes. Players these days are are more human than ever off the field, diving into social justice issues and making their voices heard and their influence felt – but when they step on the field they do things we can only dream of... 

So that’s the inspiration behind the design, and to bring it into reality Nike have opted to look to the iconic panelling of comic books – the place where superheroes debuted waaaay before the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the like. The organic connectivity that formed the basis of the standard match ball for 21/22 is continued here, with each Of the four panels remaining different, while all staying connected. The organic base wraps the ball and links the 12 signal pods that offer optimal flicker and colour optimisation, but now they're coloured after the bright images of the Golden Age of comic books, which took place from 1938 to 1956.

hi viz 10-min.jpg
hi viz 9-min.jpg
hi viz 8-min.jpg
hi viz 7-min.jpg
hi viz 6-min.jpg
hi viz 4-min.jpg
hi viz 5-min.jpg

The Nike 21/22 Hi Vis Premier League ball will be available from 5 November at