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Nike Ordem 4 Hi-Vis Match Ball

A change in the season and the light drawing in quicker than Chelsea can score against United, Nike have got ball boys on their toes with the introduction of the Hi-Vis instalment of the Ordem 4.

Seasonally fresh, the Nike Ordem 4 is an evolved piece of aesthetic engineering. The task in hand for Nike was to produce a bold graphic that helps players catch sight of the ball quickly whilst battling the elements. The pace of the game has indeed changed over the years and as a result the powers that be have introduced allotted time for the new match balls to land on our pitches. What it means is that players can 100% focus on their snow angle celebration rather than digging around for a ball that is utterly buried.

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The Nike Ordem 4 moves away from traditional manufacturing methods. 'Fuse-welded', it's geometric 12-panel design is cased in synthetic leather allowing for a ball to resist the conditions and maintain maximum match performance. Made for the elite, it's a party on the outside with hi-tech structure at its core.

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On sale and on our pitches now, pick one up here.


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