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Nike Launch The 22/23 Hi Vis Premier League Ball

That time of the year again, when the nights roll in, the temperature drops and Nike release the hi Vis version of the Premier League official match ball, which will be in use for the winter period of the 22/23 season.

Still feels weird trying to factor in a World Cup into our Christmas shopping plans and relative-visiting schedule, but that’s what comes from the first ever winter World Cup. What also comes in the winter is the Premier League’s hi vis official match ball from Nike, which lands regular as clockwork to coincide with the clocks going back and everything getting generally darker, updating the regular Premier League 22/23 ball with a brighter all-round look.

So, what we get is exactly the same model of Flight ball that’s been in use for the first three months of action in the 22/23 season, only this time in a brighter “Yellow/Purple/Red” colourway, ensuring all eyes can follow it wherever it goes, countering the dwindling light of late autumn and winter. The same 90s-inspired graphics are still in use for an aesthetic that nods to the 30th anniversary of the commencement of the Premier League, way back in 1992.

Tech-wise it's as you were, so it still boasts AerowSculpt technology as its primary technology, which promotes air movement around the ball rather than gripping its surface, reducing wobble for a more predictable and consistent flight. It also gives the ball the unique look that it has. In addition, the Flight ball also repurposes Nike All Conditions Control (ACC) 3D ink, using the 3D ink layout to strategically print “micro flaps” along Nike AerowSculpt.

Of course there will be a month where this won’t be in use, what with the World Cup taking place, but it’ll get a brief run out in the fixtures before and will be in use for a couple of months after.

prem ball 3-min.jpg
prem ball 2-min.jpg
prem ball 5-min.jpg

Pick up the Nike 22/23 hi vis Premier League ball at

Daniel Jones

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