We may be knee deep in the Euros, but attention briefly flashes back to domestic competition, with Nike unveiling the official match ball for the Premier League 21/22 season.

The 20/21 season was a bit weird, wasn't it? No fans, title and relegation all wrapped up with games to play... it all just felt a little flat. Well now we can collectively look forward to the new season and all the excitement that it will bring, heralded by the unveiling of the new official match ball from Nike. It's the second year of the Flight ball, while also being the fourth official look for the model in the Premier League.

nike 4-min.jpg
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Lifting certain design elements from the first 'Tunnel Vision' ball from the 19/20 season, the 21/22 ball features a focus on organic connectivity. Each Of The four panels is different, while all remaining connected. The organic base wraps the ball and links the 12 signal pods that offer optimal flicker and colour optimisation. As mentioned previously, those big crimson circles are lifted directly from the 19/20 ball, although they are smaller in size. They drive enhanced visual performance allowing the players to read the pace and spin of the ball, react quicker and feel confident in their decisions. Combining these elements creates a visually stunning look for the Premier League Nike Flight ball, complementing the game-changing AerowSculpt technology introduced last season to improve consistency and give the ball a truer flight.

 It’s been the most incredible season and you could really feel the difference with the Nike Flight ball,says Chelsea FC midfielder, Mason Mount, “I’m constantly striving for more consistency, particularly when it comes to goals and assists, and this ball certainly helps me achieve that. I’m excited to get back to playing with it next season.

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The Nike Premier League 21/22 Match Ball will be available on 15 July at prodirectsoccer.com