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PUMA & LaLiga Present Two New Match Balls For The 2021/22 Season

Gearing up for the 21/22 season, PUMA launch not one, but two new official match balls for the coming La Liga campaign. The regular ‘Accelerate’ combines traditional white with an explosive mix of red, yellow and orange tones, paying tribute to the energy of fire, while the Adrenalina is reserved for the big matches, such as ElClasico, the derbies and other standout matches.

The essential ingredient and the beating heart of the game, the reveal of an official match ball for a coming season shifts focus to it, lending making it feel real. And so it is with PUMA and La Liga showing off the two new designs that will be in use in the 21/22 season. First up, the Accelerate will be used in most La Liga matches and mixes white, black and grey touches with energetic and vibrant red, yellow and orange tones that offer optimal visibility. The unique ball is structured with eight large panels which facilitate greater ball control.

la liga 6-min.jpg
la liga 5-min.jpg

The design of the Adrenalina draws reference to the electrifying force of certain games considered to be decisive in the season’s outcome, that increase the heart rate of the fans and make the adrenaline flow through their veins; games that include ElClasico, the Gran Derbi, the Basque derbies plus other Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Andalusian encounters.

Both balls are FIFA approved, meaning they balance high performance with a design incorporating cutting-edge technology. They feature high frequency moulding that guarantees perfect sphericity, improved maintenance of the ball’s shape over time and lower water absorption. The aerodynamic surface is 1.2mm textural 3D PU, making it more resistant to abrasion and wear. POE foam has been added to increase touch sensitivity, providing a firmer feel and better bounce consistency.

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