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adidas Release The 2018/19 Champions League Official Match Ball

Inverting the norm, adidas have unveiled the Champions League Match Ball for the 2018/19 season which looks to accentuate the iconic white star panels. Usually it is the stars that are given the lick of paint however on this occasion, the brand have altered proceedings to ensure the UEFA Champions League stars stand out on pitch.

The Champions League ball is perhaps one of the most aesthetically pleasing footballs on the planet. Forever one that you'll never want to bounce on concrete let alone go wild with in the cage, it's one that punctuates each season with so much style. For the 2018/19 season, adidas have taken a confidently bold departure from previous years as the colouring of the ball has been inverted, with white stars and an innovative blue graphic print.

The new official match ball is designed to highlight the iconic UEFA Champions League stars. The white star panels contrast with a blue graphic print covering the rest of the ball. The colour is based on the official UEFA Champions League blue. The stars have a glossy finish, making them stand out even further against the matte finish of the blue hexagon panels. The graphic print is designed to represent the blur of constant motion, perfect for a ball that will be used in the fast-paced football of the UEFA Champions League.

18 19 Champs League Ball Adidas_0007_UCL_OMB_16x9_01.jpg

The ball features the latest adidas performance technology to ensure the best players in the world can perform at their best during the UEFA Champions League. An outer texture coating - consistent across all adidas UEFA Champions League Official Match Balls – offers secure grip and complete control while the thermally bonded star panels provide a seamless surface for an improved first touch. Everything you can dream of in match ball form.

The 2018/19 adidas UEFA Champions League Match Ball will be on sale around the globe and you'll be able to pick one up here.


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