Arriving with its customary bright, bold refresh for the business end of the tournament, adidas unveil the official 21/22 Champions League final match ball, which will be used for the knockout stages of the competition, including the final, which will be held in St. Petersburg.

As the temperatures plummet, the competition heats up, with the Champions League edging towards the knockout stages. Gone will be the deadwood, with only the best teams from Europe left to battle it out for the ultimate club prize. And, as has become tradition, adidas drop a revamped version of the match ball, with a design that’s inspired by the architecture of the host city, St. Petersburg.

ucl 5-min.jpg
ucl 6-min.jpg

The ball follows on from the ‘Pyrostorm’ design, used throughout the 21/22 group stages and recognisable for its fiery look. But, as has been done in the past, the new look inverts the colour scheme, so instead of the white base with the fiery stars, we’ve got white stars on a graphic base. In that graphic you can see the aforementioned architecture of St. Petersburg, the city that all fans will be hoping to be heading to come May.

Expect to see this hitting the backs of nets across Europe from February onwards.

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