As the European club game picks up its pace and rattles through the opening weeks, the sprinklings and sparkle of the Champions League loom just around the bend. With a new season, comes a new match ball and this one spins in from adidas with some handwritten touches.

Who owns the ball, controls the game. It's the rule from the concrete cages right through to the biggest stage. With this instalment from adidas, it's a ball written in emotive script. There for the taking and championing the adidas "First Never Follows" tag line, it's all about leading proceedings with pace.

Some description

"Faster than a bullet", "Play your life", the script is angled towards encouraging a creative game. Always spinning, always styled out, the blue stars so symbolic to the Champions League, it's another ball that will look strong under the spotlight as that music plays out. Bring on the anthem.

The stars allign. Want in? Pick one up here.