Appropriately picking the day of the UEFA Champions League 2022/23 group stage draw, adidas unveil the official match ball for the early stages of the competition, with a unique design for the women’s version for the first time.

You know the competition is not far from commencing for real when the match ball gets revealed, and sure enough, with the draw for the group stages taking place today, we get the new Champions League match balls for 22/23. In a first for the UEFA Women’s Champion’s league, adidas has created individual designs for each competition’s group stage Official Match Ball, revealing two unique colour spectrums that share the same iconic and vibrant star design.

cl 3-min.jpg
cl 2-min.jpg

Inspired by the absence of light in space and how the stars shine out against the dark void, the refracted overlays and silver rays communicate the mastering of all dimensions and the battle for the biggest stage of men’s and women’s club football.

As well as their new graphic designs, the balls feature the latest adidas performance technology, including an innovative PRISMA surface texture that offers the world’s elite players even more precision on the ball. The new outer texture coating – consistent across all adidas UEFA Champions League Official Match Balls – offers secure grip and complete control, while the thermally bonded seamless construction guarantees ultimate performance.

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