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PUMA Launch The 'Rush Pack'

Primed to give the end of season a final push, PUMA present the ‘Rush Pack’, wrapping the Future Ultimate, King Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate in split designs, with grey bases offset by vibrant hits of colour.

Most people who have played or watched football will know about that rush you get right before kick off; that feeling of not knowing what is about to happen but relying on your instincts and settling in for the ride. Now, leaning into that mindset, PUMA drop the ‘Rush Pack’, priming players for a final push in their pursuit of glory. To that end, it’s a new split colourway for the Future, King and Ultra.

rush 2-min.jpg
rush 11-min.jpg
rush 13-min.jpg
rush 12-min.jpg

The Future 7 arrives in a “Strong Gray/Cool Dark Gray/Electric Lime” colourway, with the “Electric Lime” popping on the heel, forefoot branding and through the studs, before fading out to the dominant grey of the forefoot in what is almost a 50/50 split.

For The King, its a "Cool Dark Gray/Strong Gray/Ravish Pink" combination, following the setup of the Future by keeping the bright pink pop to the rear of the boot, while the Formstrip stands out in a contrasting white. The grey section then features a monochrome flame graphic, lending the whole look an added depth.

rush 6-min.jpg
rush 5-min.jpg
rush 4-min.jpg
rush 3-min.jpg

Finally, the Ultra flips the convention of featuring the colour pop in the rear, with the blue tones of the "Strong Gray/Puma White/Elektro Aqua" colourway emanating from the toe area, playing up towards the heel, with a nice lightning bolt execution in white in the Formstripe branding for an added flourish. 

The PUMA Rush pack will be on pitch, likely on the feet of younger players, with Christian Pulisic and Yunus Musah tipped to be the lead athletes. 

rush 10-min.jpg
rush 9-min.jpg
rush 7-min.jpg
rush 8-min.jpg

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