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The King Ultimate Joins The PUMA Pursuit Pack

Better late than never, as the old saying goes, but equally, when you’re the King, you arrive whenever the hell you please. And that’s the case here, with the King Ultimate rocking up late to the party to join the Future Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate in the PUMA Pursuit Pack.

PUMA launched the ‘Pursuit Pack’ back at the end of March, and now, almost a month later, the King Ultimate saddles on up to join the Future Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate in a corresponding “Puma White/Puma Black/Fast Yellow/Electric Peppermint” colourway. It’s only the second look for the all-new King since its debut at the beginning of March, and the change is only a subtle one, with that same crisp, white base remaining, and the real change coming on the formstripe branding that rides down the side. But this new look doesn’t come alone, with another option coming in the darker ‘Eclipse Pack’ variation, ensuring there are options for all.

pursuit king 6-min.jpg
pursuit king 4-min.jpg

And speaking of options for all, the Pursuit Pack King Ultimate is also available in a women’s specific fit, as PUMA continue to back the women’s game.

For those unfamiliar with the newly revamped King, the most notable change from what’s come before is the departure from K-leather – an element that has been integral to the DNA of the boot for its five and a half decade existence. But K-leather has been replaced by something even better… K-Better. It’s an innovative, environmentally conscious upper material that looks like leather, feels like leather and plays like leather. All that and it’s more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Recycled from industrial waste, The K-Better material is a synthetic, non-animal base that boasts the same softness as K-leather, whilst being 30 percent thinner, twice as stretchy, providing a better fit for longer, and 10 times more durable. All in all, it’s quite the revolution.

pursuit king 3-min.jpg
pursuit king 5-min.jpg
pursuit king 2-min.jpg
pursuit king 1-min.jpg
king pursuit 10-min.jpg

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