Upping the energy of their 2019/20 game, PUMA launch the ‘Rush Pack’, which see the ONE 5.1 and Future 4.1 given an eye-catching hyper-bright "Yellow Alert/Black" paint job. No danger of missing these when they appear on pitch on the feet of PUMA’s leading pros.

The ‘Rush Pack’ is rumoured to be PUMA’s last on-pitch pack of 2019, which, if true, means they are seeing out the year in a bright blast of colour that’ll be hard to miss on pitch despite the fading light of winter. According to PUMA, the ‘Rush Pack’ celebrates that injection of no-limit, hyper-energy that elevates their athletes’ performance, dynamism, speed, and skill when in their flow. Got all that? Good.

puma 13-min.jpg
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The Future appears to take its cues from the similarly bright ‘Grizi 10 year’ edition that was released recently, combining a vibrant “Yellow Alert” colouring over a black base across the whole boot, including the soleplate, for a strong contrasting look. The Future continues to combine NETFIT and the 3D Havoc Frame into one layer, and it’s all the more visually effective in this colour combination. And speaking of visually effective, no where is this more apparent than on the wild soleplate. The ‘Rush Pack’ Future 4.1 will be worn on pitch by Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suàrez and Marco Reus.

The PUMA ONE is slightly more toned down, with black and white playing a more prominent role, with the “Yellow Alert” reduced to a supporting player. It is combined with the black to great effect through the SPRINTWEB in the upper, while the premium K-leather on the instep is presented in a pristine white. As with the Future, there’s no tech updates here, just strong visuals ahead of the inevitable darkness of winter. Expect to see Sergio Agüero and Romelu Lukaku in the ‘Rush Pack’ ONE 5.1.

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Pick up the PUMA 'Rush Pack' Future 4.1 and ONE 5.1 at prodirectsoccer.com