With the Future Ultimate getting the spotlight for over a week now, PUMA turn attention to the other prime player in their setup, revealing the Ultra Ultimate in a new colourway as the second part of the ‘Supercharge Pack’.

PUMA have set a trend over recent releases of dropping each boot from a pack individually, letting each one breath and ensuring that when a next generation upgrade arrives on the scene it gets the attention that it deserves. And that’s once again been the case with the brand’s latest collection, the ‘Supercharge Pack’, which saw the all-new Future Ultimate released back on 11 January. Now though, it’s backed up by its partner in crime, the Ultra Ultimate, which gets suitably dressed up to line up alongside the Future.

ultra 8-min.jpg
ultra 3-min.jpg

For this then, the Ultra Ultimate arrives in a “Puma Ultra Orange/Puma White/Blue Glimmer” colourway, contrasting nicely with the Future Ultimate by inverting its colour scheme, utilising the orange as its base colour.

It’s bold and suiting of the silo, whose primary callouts are speed. The upper is constructed from PUMA’s innovative and lightweight ULTRAWEAVE technology, the brand’s lightest, highest-performance material ever developed – the same material that is used for the brand’s primary jerseys. PWRPRINT in the upper then offers micro level stability, enhanced ball contact and durability.

You can expect to see this one on-pitch on the feet of players such as Antoinne Griezmann, Oliver Giroud, Memphis Depay, Christian Pulisic and Antony.

ultra 5-min.jpg
ultra 6-min.jpg
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ultra 9-min.jpg

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