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adidas Add The Predator 24 To The Pearlised Pack

Poised to take to pitches in a pure presentation of pristine perfection, adidas has added the Predator 24 to the Pearlised Pack, removing all colour from the three executions—laced, laceless and the classic laced variant with a fold over tongue.

The Pearlised Pack started life early last year as adidas’s whiteout pack, for which all colour was removed from the Three Stripes’ roster to leave some of the cleanest executions of the X, COPA and Predator. This year it continues, but with the X not having been updated from the Crazyfast iteration and the COPA Pure only receiving very minor tweaks, all attention is on the Predator 24, which looks simply sublime in triple white in all three fit options.

pearlised 10-min.jpg
pearlised 11-min.jpg

In fact, this is not the first time we’ve seen the Predator 24 in its whiteout guise – it was actually the first look that the next gen boot was spotted in as far back as September last year, with the likes of Jude Bellingham, Aaron Ramsdale and Ian Maatsen all showing off the new prototype in their respective training sessions. And now that it’s out for a proper close up look, it doesn’t disappoint. The whiteout presentation applies to all parts of the boots, with even the branding falling in line. What it does is accentuate the features of each boot and for the Predator that’s the strategically placed rubber fins, known as Strikeskin Technology, positioned in strike zones to support ball grip for precision shot-making.

As we’ve seen with all Predator 24 release so far, the silhouette comes in three executions which offer a combination of design features to suit various pricepoints –  laced, laceless and a classic laced variant with a fold over tongue for those looking for a pure hit of nostalgia.

pearlised 5-min.jpg
pearlised 3-min.jpg
pearlised 9-min.jpg
pearlised 8-min.jpg
pearlised 7-min.jpg
pearlised 4-min.jpg
pearlised 6-min.jpg
pearlised 2-min.jpg

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