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The New Predator 24 Leads The adidas 'Solar Energy Pack'

The new year brings with it the official launch of the new Predator 24, which arrives in a traditional tri-colour palette but with a twist. It’s the headline act of the adidas Solar Energy pack, which also sees the X Crazyfast and COPA Pure 2 in new colourways.

Back before Christmas, adidas dropped upon the world the best boot of the year (in our opinion, at least) with the Predator 30. It was a perfect blend of homage and progression, nodding to the upcoming 30 year anniversary of the iconic silo through some beautifully nostalgic aesthetics (we’re looking at those Three Stripes and that returning tongue), whilst also capturing what a Predator should be today, it being the lightest version of the boot ever. That extremely limited edition (there were only 1,994 pairs released as a nod to the original release date) was followed up by the slightly wider PredStrike collection, although it was still not clear if this was an all-new Predator we were dealing with or just a part of the 30th anniversary celebrations. Well now we emphatically get our answer, with the reveal of the Predator 24, which arrives as the headliner of the adidas Solar Energy Pack.

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Those who have been watching will have already seen what we now know is the Predator 24 (abandoning the naming set that has followed previously to once again adopt the year of release) on the feet of the elite on pitches across the globe. But now it is officially released, named, and confirmed as the latest model of the Predator franchise.

The design inspiration behind the Predator 24 sparked from the proposition: “what would the Predator look and feel like if it was first launched today?” The result is a combination of the DNA iconic to the early Predator releases, including the famed fold over tongue that evolved to the Mania favourite homaged here, and the tri-colour palette – overlaid onto the performance features.

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As mentioned, this is the lightest Predator ever made, ensuring top-level performance at the elite level of the game. That’s achieved in large part through the use of elevated materials throughout the upper, combined with the Control Frame 2.0, a new lightweight, full-length outsole. Evolving from its predecessor, Control Frame, the technology moves away from a two-part configuration and works in harmony with an external heel counter to keep the foot locked in position and help reduce heel slip.

That sits below the HybridTouch 2.0 upper, a refreshed synthetic material with a suede-like feel that replicates the adaptability of leather. It provides a moulded fit with cushioning in key contact areas for comfort and a soft touch on the ball.

And of course, what would a Predator be without those strategically placed rubber fins, known as Strikeskin Technology, positioned in strike zones to support ball grip for precision shot-making.

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The Predator 24 carries the famed black, white and red colourway but made bolder in hue (officially “Core Black/White/Solar Red”, and completed by vibrant yellow taping to proudly declare its place as its own boot, in its own right.

As we saw with the PredStrike collection, the silhouette comes in three executions which offer a combination of design features to suit various pricepoints –  laced, laceless and a classic laced variant with a fold over tongue for those looking for a pure hit of nostalgia.

Of course, while the Predator 24 takes centre stage, it arrives with a supporting cast as part of the 'Solar Energy' pack. 

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The X Crazyfast takes up a "Team Solar Yellow/Core Black/White" colourway, with the yellow as the base colour, dominating the look. It plays host to the black accents in the form of the Three Stripes branding, while there's a flash of red through the soleplate.

Then there's the COPA Pure 2, which comes in a sleek "Ivory/Core Black/Solar Red" paint job. As with the X Crazyfast, the red is restricted predominantly to the underside, leaving that nice off-white Ivory upper to contrast with the black branding.

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