Ensuring that options to suit all, Adidas have launched the clean ‘Pearlized Pack’, which features whiteout versions of the X Speedportal and COPA Pure alongside the all-new Predator Accuracy.

The all-new next generation Predator Accuracy has just officially launched as part of the adidas ‘Own Your Football’ pack. And alongside that release, which has already been seen on pro pitches across Europe and will become even more visible going forward, the Three Stripes have also released the ‘Pearlized Pack’, washing the Predator Accuracy in white alongside the X Speedportal and the already revealed COPA Pure. 

pearlized 3-min.jpg
pearlized 2-min.jpg

The ‘Pearlized Pack’ lines up alongside the ‘Nightstrike Pack’ to offer more lowkey alternatives to the in-line 'Own Your Football' versions, likely providing a more appealing option for grassroots players. 

It’s a clean look for the all-new Predator Accuracy, which lands with a focus on precision and consistency, created with goal scorers on the pitch in mind. 

The whiteout COPA Pure was already revealed as part of the launch for that next gen update, while the X Speedportal gets washed of colour to complete the set.

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Shop the adidas 'Pearlized Pack' at prodirectsport.com/soccer