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The X Crazyfast Joins The adidas Pearlized Pack

Stripping all colour away once again, this time to leave a pure presentation, adidas release the X Crazyfast in a whiteout look, lining it up with the previously released Predator Accuracy and COPA Pure in the ‘Pearlized Pack’.

Last week, adidas dropped the X Crazyfast in a blackout look as part of the ‘Nightstrike Pack’, and now they go to the other end of the monochrome palette, presenting it in a pure and crisp whiteout look as part of the ‘Pearlized Pack’. That pack first dropped back in February, with the previous generation X Speedportal lining u alongside the Predator Accuracy and COPA Pure. Now, the X Crazyfast is subbed in, sitting alongside the other two boots.

pearlised 5-min.jpg
pearlised 4-min.jpg
pearlised 2-min.jpg
pearlised 3-min.jpg

Both the Pearlized and Nightstrike Packs offer cleaner, lowkey alternatives to the regular on-pitch options (currently the Crazyrush Pack, but with a new pack set to launch for the new season).

The whiteout presentation applies to all parts of the boots, with even the branding falling in line. What that does is accentuate the features of each boot: for the X Crazyfast it’s that lightweight construction, namely that AEROPACITY SPEEDSKIN, for the Predator, it's that Hybrid Touch upper and the High Definition Grip rubber elements, while for the COPA Pure, it's that luxuriously quilted leather forefoot. All three looking pure in white, ready to catch the eye while not being in your face this preseason.

pearlised 7-min.jpg
pearlised 6-min.jpg
pearlised 9-min.jpg
pearlised 8-min.jpg

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Daniel Jones

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