Arriving with a refresh for the close season courtesy of graphic artist SILNI, PUMA launch the Elements pack. It sees the Future taking on some fiery hues, the Ultra with some flashes of lightning, and the King adorned in graphics that nod to the control and force of the wind.

With only a handful of games left of the 22/23 season, there’s obviously enough time for a final flourish from PUMA, and it comes in the form of the ‘Elements Pack’. The German brand team up with regular collaborator SILNI, who’s better known as a boot customiser, but here he gets promoted to straight-up designer, putting his own s[in directly on the Future Ultimate, Ultra Ultimate and King Ultimate, bringing them together for the Elements Pack, celebrating each silo‘s style of play with graphical interpretations of the elements.

elements 9-min.jpg
elements 8-min.jpg
elements 7-min.jpg
elements 6-min.jpg

Starting things off we get the Future Ultimate, presented as an unstoppable blaze of creativity. And yep, you guessed it, that mean's fire. That's realised through a "Team Violet/Puma Black/Yellow Sizzle/Rickie Orange" colourway, with black as the base, visible only through the upper portion of the upper, while the other colours lick up the side of the boots from the shimmering chrome soleplate.

Next up, the Ultra Ultimate is a speed boot, faster than lightning you might say... and so that is the inspiration for the design. A lighter affair, its official colourway is "Puma Navy/Puma White/Bright Aqua", with the blue taking up residence in the rear half of the boot, and the white in the front portion.

elements 5-min.jpg
elements 4-min.jpg
elements 3-min.jpg
elements 2-min.jpg

Finally, the King Ultimate arrives in what is its fourth colourway, and it's "Puma Black/Puma Gold/Team Violet". The idea here was to lean into the force and control of wind, tying into the King's control of the game, and it translates as a cosmic vibe. A black base sees the purple graphic and gold accents combining for a strong look.

elements 13-min.jpg
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elements 11-min.jpg

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