The end of the season is all about going for glory (or avoiding relegation if you’re at that end of the table). Either way, it’s about making those goals a reality, and with that in mind, PUMA refresh their roster with the ‘Pursuit Pack’, offering up fresh paint jobs for the Future Ultimate and Ultra Ultimate.

It’s all about the bright and vibrant for PUMA’s latest colour update, as the band refreshes its roster for the close season with the ‘Pursuit Pack’, which is set to take the place of the equally colourful ‘Supercharge Pack’ on the feet of its players. Though there’s no sign of the brand’s latest silo, the King Ultimate, don’t be surprised if it arrives as a later entry for the pack, with PUMA prone to giving certain releases time to breathe.

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So what we get initially is a two-pack party, with the Future Ultimate lining up in “Fast Yellow/Puma Black/Electric Peppermint” alongside the Ultra Ultimate, dressed out in “Electric Peppermint/Puma White/Fast Yellow”.

For the former, that fast yellow (looks green in certain lights) is the base, with the electric peppermint playing out across the upper, notably through the PWRTAPE technology, which is part of the innovative FUZIONFIT360 dual mesh construction.

The Ultra Ultimate then inverts that looks, with the electric peppermint playing the more prominent part, and the fast yellow taking on the supporting role, flashing sparingly through the FormStripe and the heel and studs. It’s a look that we’ve already seen in action, with Marco Reus slipping into them for a Borussia Dortmund training session this week. As the midfielder is inclined to do, Reus actually wore them without laces, something we’ve not seen with the Ultra before.

Despite the recent drop of the ‘Brilliance Pack’, which was released in celebration of the women’s game, the ‘Pursuit Pack’ also boasts women-specific fits for both the Future and Ultra, with the volume and instep height of both being based on a women’s foot rather than a man's, offering a high-performance fit that’s tailored for females.

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