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PUMA Unveil The Limited Edition King Ultimate 'Rudagon'

Offering up a bit of limited edition luxury, PUMA has revealed the King Ultimate ‘Rudagon’, which celebrates the 75th anniversary of the King silo through a premium all-over print.

Everyone know that the PUMA King is the longest lasting football silo in the game, having first debuted way back in 1968, and this year it celebrates its 75th anniversary. As part of those celebrations, the current incarnation, the King Ultimate, gets a luxurious makeover, wrapping it in a specially designed pattern, called ‘RUDAGON’. The name comes from PUMA founder RUdolf DAssler and the Greek word for angle ‘gonia/gon’, together referring to the repeating pentagon symbol.

rudagon 11-min.jpg (1)
rudagon 10-min.jpg (1)

The RUDAGON all over print is a new asset designed for 2023 but rooted in the original PUMA trademark from 1948. That pattern is spread across the entirety of the boot’s upper, becoming particularly pronounced through the bronze formstripe branding. That bronze accent also pops on the tongue and heel branding and them prominently through the soleplate. A subtle print of 1968, the original year of the King’s release, appears on the gloss heel element.

As mentioned, this is a limited edition release, with only 2,000 pairs being released globally, adding to the luxury feel of the release.

rudagon 9-min.jpg (1)
rudagon 8-min.jpg (1)
rudagon 7-min.jpg (1)
rudagon 6-min.jpg (1)
rudagon 5-min.jpg (1)
rudagon 4-min.jpg (1)

Pick up the PUMA King Ultimate Rudagon at

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