Diadora make the step into the speed game, embracing innovation to bring us an all-new silo known as the Veloce SL. The super lightweight boot trims down any excess in its construction, while still maintaining that traditional leather feel.

For anyone who doesn’t know, when it comes to football boots Diadora are among the most renowned craft masters. They’ve been there, done that, and supplied footwear to several Ballon d’Or winners in the process… and this is all experience that stands them out as special. Years of knowledge of the game, of football boots and the demands placed upon them, all goes into every one of their new creations. Whilst they have a foot firmly wedged in the traditional side of the game with the iconic Brasil, and they’ve dabbled with innovation with the B-Elite, now they take the plunge and bring all of their experience into the pace of the modern day with the Veloce SL.

veloce 2-min.jpg
veloce 9-min.jpg

Today's game is once again all about speed, and the rationale is that to be fast you have to be light on your feet. A simple enough principle, and it’s behind the creation of the Veloce SL, which uses an innovative design inspired by high performance cars to ensure that its weight is kept to a minimum.

Inspired by fast cars, we hear you say? Why yes, the lightweight upper’s frame uses the same engineering principles as some of Italy’s fastest cars, with the skeleton being layered with cut out panels of leather and mesh to keep weight to a minimum. No excess material means a body that you can virtually see through.

The Veloce goes one step on from the B-Elite, trimming the design right back while still maintaining that connection with tradition by utilising a leather forefoot. And, like other boots in the brand’s repertoire, this one is also made in Italy, so you know that it's crafted from the finest materials, to the highest specification.

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Pick up the Diadora Veloce SL at prodirectsport.com/soccer