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Is Jorginho Set To Sign For Diadora?

Could Chelsea midfielder Jorginho be on the verge of signing for luxury Italian brand Diadora? The EURO 2020 winner has been spotted training in a blacked out version of the Diadora Brasil Made In Italy K-Leather boots fuelling speculation that he could be about to call time on his partnership with Nike.

If Diadora could pick any current player to sign then you'd imagine Jorginho would be right up there. He's a player that perfectly complements the brand, what they stand for, and their style when it comes to product. He's effortlessly skilful on pitch, plays with that relaxed yet assured mentality and looks as if he's running the game without getting out of second gear – that's got Diadora written all over it – classy, luxury, and typically understated.


So could the premium Italian brand actually tempt Jorginho into a move away from Nike? When you compare the brands head-to-head clearly Nike have the resource to win the battle but Diadora isn't just about who can offer the biggest pay cheque. Diadora attracts a certain type of player; the sophisticated player who thinks about product, respects quality and appreciates that rich history of Italian craftsmanship. If this is something Jorginho can get on board with then Diadora could install him as the face of their brand, something that Nike could never offer him.

That Pirlo-esque ease of playing football combined with Jorginho's cultured presence off the pitch is the perfect match for Diadora so we wouldn't rule anything out. Can we see Jorginho leaving Nike for Diadora? Perhaps not. But strip it back and if no contact has been made between the two parties then Jorginho has simply ordered himself a pair to train in, and that tells you everything you need to know about the quality of Diadora football boots. One to watch...


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