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Mizuno Drop The 'Venom' Collection

Seductively suited up in stealth suits for the start of the season, Mizuno drop the ‘Venom’ collection, which pairs up the Morelia Neo III Beta and Morelia II for a double delight in the dark.

With pre-season upon us, the appeal of a blackout colourway doesn’t show any signs of diminishing, and its wide acceptance on grassroots pitches across the land continues. Acknowledging that demand and providing the finest leather options, Mizuno drop the ‘Venom’ collection, which pairs up the tech-driven Morelia Neo III Beta with the classically styled Morelia II in dark shades.

mizuno 4-min.jpg
mizuno 5-min.jpg

Alongside the black bases, the ‘Venom’ collection also features hits of deep Burgundy through the Runbird branding, appearing far more subtle on the lightweight speed boot that is the Morelia Neo Beta III. 

The traditional Morelia II Elite shadows the innovative speed boot by pulling on its own blackout suit of stealth to keep the 'Venom' collection in line. The Morelia is one of football's longest serving silos and for good reason; unrivalled comfort, leather touch and throwback aesthetics. 

mizuno 6-min.jpg

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