PUMA ramp up their fight against plastic waste and continue to promote sustainability by linking up with First Mile charity for a second boot collection to produce unique versions of the Ultra and Future Z, made entirely from recycled bottles diverted from landfill and oceans.

The first boot collaboration launched in February this year and now PUMA are back with second chapter that teams up with the charity who divert waste from landfill and oceans. Both boots are made from recycled plastics collected in the First Mile network, from the soleplate right up to the laces. The move is part of the German company’s ongoing commitment to reduce its environmental impact and live up to its code of being “Forever Better”.


PUMA have also worked with First Mile on a streetwear collection as they continue to lead the charge into a more sustainable world – further evidence can be seen in the brand's first ever King Platinum ‘Vegan’ boot, which saw the classic silo recreated using 100 percent vegan materials. As for this collection PUMA have opted for a clean white, red and black combination with dual branded logos on the collar and upper.


The First Mile PUMA Ultra and Future football boots have been released in limited numbers and will no doubt be snapped up pretty quickly thanks to that clean, summer-styled colourway for the new season. As more brands navigate into a sustainable lane you can expect to see more similar projects as the footballing world does their bit to set an example to the rest of the fashion and sport industries. Top work, PUMA.


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