PUMA’s influence spreads further throughout the globe, as PUMA introduce two new cities into the ‘Influence Pack’ fold. Marrakech and Havana join the already impressive offerings for New York, Amsterdam, Moscow and Bangkok, who all get secondary strips as part of the refresh.

Late last year PUMA brought an interesting concept to the table, imagining new teams for four prominent cities throughout the world, and dressing them out in some fresh designs that feature bold graphics influenced by the culture of each city for the 'Influence Pack'. And now they bring two more additions to the roster, with the introduction of shirts for Marrakech and Havana joining new 'away' strips for the four original cities. 

puma 4-min.jpg
puma 3-min.jpg

Straight off the bat, the Havana shirt lays claim to having the brashest design within the collection; no mean feat when you look at the company it keeps. The wild combination of sun kissed coral and pearl on the eye-catching Cuba-inspired graphics certainly make it standout.

And it’s joined by the traditional Moroccan kaleidoscopic all-over graphic pattern of the Marrakesh jersey. A wild pairing, but certainly in keeping with the rest of the pack. And speaking of which, New York, Amsterdam, Bangkok and Moscow all get secondary shirts that use the same templates as the first release, just in alternate colourways. Each shirt features a bespoke club crest, and the full collection is then finished with the number '7' on the back along with the iconic ‘KING’ branding in place of a traditional sponsor and colour-coded to match up with the overall design. More of the same on-pitch please.

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