Despite its name, PUMA didn’t so much tease the Future Z before Christmas as just straight up show it off on the feet of Neymar Jr. The tease simply came in its limited availability, as was seen when it quickly sold out. But that’s now been rectified with the official launch, which arrives under the title of ‘Game On’.

A sadly ironic title for the official launch of the Future Z, given the current circumstances around the world and particularly in Britain, so file this under one for the... um, well future actually, when football returns and we’re all able to get back to doing what we love. Until then though we have to content ourselves with looking on and admiring what is a fresh new colourway that arrives on the back of the limited 'Teaser Edition' that dropped back before Christmas.

future 1-min.jpg
future 3-min.jpg

The centre-piece of the Future Z’s construction is the adaptive FuzionFit+ compression band, which provides optimal lock-in and support for movement, increasing agility. To further support multidirectional movements the Future Z boasts an innovative 'Z' shaped outsole (hence the name), while a thin GripControl pro skin is applied in key areas to emphasise the super soft upper for a refined touch and ball control.

For the ‘Tease Edition’, the FuzionFit+ band was presented in a vibrant volt colourway on a white base, ensuring the new technology stood out above all else. And now that volt colour dominates the boot, with the band coming in black, along with the heel and forefoot branding. White accents are then flecked through the band, while the ‘Future’ wording down the instep leaves no doubt about what you’re looking at.

Expect the likes of Neymar, Maddison, Suarez, and Marco Reus to all make the switch into this new colourway in the coming weeks. So long as, y'know, the game stays on.

future 4-min.jpg

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