While it gets colder and darker outside and we all go running for our base layers, snoods and gloves, the one essential we all need for the coming winter months is a pair of soft ground boots, and we’re on hand to highlight 10 of the best available right now.

Everyone knows what pitches get like at this time of year, so it’s important to have the right kit if you don’t want to be sliding around on your backside for the coming months. Chief among that is the soft ground boot, which switches out smaller, fixed studs for a longer variety, offering you more traction in wetter, muddier conditions. Add to that innovations such as Nike’s Anti-Clog soleplate, which does exactly what it says on the tin, and there really are some proper winter specialist boots out there. So we’ve rounded up the 10 best SG boots that are currently reduced in price at Pro:Direct Soccer because, hey, Christmas is right around the corner and every penny counts.

sg 6-min.jpg

Nike Premier II – £70

The Nike Premier III may have just dropped, but that doesn't mean that the Premier II is any worse for it. The absolute daddy of grassroots football comes winter ready with an Anti-Clog soleplate, which stops mud accumulating on your boots, often reducing the effectiveness of the longer studs. The Premier II is available in a range of colours, but we've opted for a blackout as it doesn't show dirt as much. That and it looks bloody beautiful.


sg 2-min.jpg

adidas X Ghosted.1 – £150

The adidas X Ghosted is a speed boot through and through, and so getting a greater degree of traction in soft ground is a must if you're wanting to maintain a decent level of speed. We've opted for the darker 'Escape Light' colourway in the hopes of them brushing up a bit better after playing in a bog on a Sunday.


sg 5-min.jpg

PUMA Future 5.1 NetFit – £60

An older model in PUMA's repertoire, but the Future 5.1 offers the benefit of NetFit, which means you can choose how you lace up, offering the option of a more secure fit – handy in the mud. At £60 this is an absolute steal to see you through winter.


sg 7-min.jpg

adidas COPA Sense .1 – £135

If ever a boot could be described as sexy (and it absolutely can't, we're just saying if) it would be the adidas COPA Sense. Those impressive curves are made all the more seductive in its black and gold launch colourway. Loaded with tech to help your touch and control, this is definitely one for you if you're after understated style.


sg 4-min.jpg

Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 – £180

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 with an Anti-Clog soleplate coming in at sub-£200?? Don't need to say anymore than that.


sg 16-min.jpg

New Balance Tekela v3 – £145

A massively overlooked boot, the Tekela v3 from New Balance offers an alternate route into the laceless world. Its 'Lead The Hunt' colourway is perfect for the time of year, so you get an equal match of aesthetics and performance. 


sg 14-min.jpg

PUMA ONE 5.1 – £60

Another great budget option to see you through the winter period, the PUMA ONE 5.1 boasts a RapidSprint outsole that has a stud configuration that promotes speed on soft ground. What more do you need?


sg 3-min.jpg

adidas Predator 19.1 – £100

You can't get a much better colourway for the winter conditions than the 'Encryption Code' pack Predator, and at £100 it's an absolute bargain.


sg 13-min.jpg

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 – £135

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 offers total control on the pitch, and that's even when the pitch is an absolute quagmire, thanks to the inclusion of Anti-Clog.


sg 15-min.jpg

PUMA Ultra 1.3 – £150

Another speed boot that demands traction to perform as intended. Arriving in the current 'Eclipse Pack' look, it's another understated design that's perfect for the conditions.


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