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Nike Launch The Next Generation Premier III

Bringing in a new era of no nonsense football, Nike launch the third generation of its classic grassroots specialist, the Premier. It drops in a classic black and white colourway and arrives with an anti-clog SG soleplate, making it an absolute specialist for this time of year.

The Nike Premier is a timeless classic that serves grassroots players up and down the land. But just because it has that timeless quality, it doesn’t mean that it can’t receive an update once in a while, and that’s what we get with the Premier III, the latest instalment in the silo’s line, tweaked for the next “No-Nonsense" footballers.

premier 5-min.jpg
premier 3-min.jpg

The new Premier III still boasts a premium K-leather upper, although it now features an altered stitch pattern through the forefoot to create specific cushioning zones at the instep and outstep. Specific cushioning zones at the instep and outstep. The big and bold Nike sign off on the heel has been replaced by an embossed logo, with “Nike Premier” riding on top. Then there’s the tongue. Some love it, some not so much, and Nike appreciate that, placing a dotted cut line on the tongue, just incase you want to lop it off.

The inclusion on this first release of an SG anti-clog soleplate just makes the Premier III even more the champion of grassroots football. Still available at around the £100-mark, you’ll not get much more bang for your buck.

premier 4-min.jpg
premier 2-min.jpg

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