It’s that time of year again, when the moon covers the sun for a dose of darkness… yep, it’s the latest PUMA Eclipse Pack, with the Future Ultimate, Ultra Ultimate and King Ultimate all lining up in blackout suits of stealth.

Really doesn’t feel all that long since the last ‘Eclipse Pack’ dropped, especially the King Ultimate, which arrived a couple of months later, in April. But with a new season on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to get a pair f blackout boots for preseason and beyond, and so PUMA duly oblige by wrapping the Future Ultimate, Ultra Ultimate and King Ultimate in darkness.

eclipse 6-min.jpg
eclipse 5-min.jpg

First up, the new Future Ultimate features a slight bit of iridescence in the branding as a point of difference from what came before. Tech-wise, it implements a radical new redesign engineered for ultimate agility. It features an innovative FUZIONFIT360 dual mesh upper and integrates PUMA exclusive PWRTAPE technology to enhance support for a space-age adaptive fit.

The Future Ultimate also features engineered 3D textures placed in key contact zones to enhance ball grip and control when passing, dribbling, and finishing. Another new upgrade is an all-new plate that includes a split composition designed for ultimate traction and stability. Paired with a lightweight Nano Grip sockliner insole, the technology minimises foot slippage inside the boot, allowing you to maintain power transfer for explosive movements.

eclipse 10-min.jpg
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For the Ultra Ultimate, the upper is constructed from PUMA’s innovative and lightweight ULTRAWEAVE technology, the brand’s lightest, highest-performance material ever developed – the same material that is used for the brand’s primary jerseys. PWRPRINT in the upper then offers micro level stability, enhanced ball contact and durability.

The King Ultimate then goes all the way dark, abandoning the pops of orange from the April release. It features a K-Better upper: an innovative, environmentally conscious upper material that looks like leather, feels like leather and plays like leather. All that and it’s more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Recycled from industrial waste, The K-Better material is a synthetic, non-animal base that boasts the same softness as K-leather, whilst being 30 percent thinner, twice as stretchy, providing a better fit for longer, and 10 times more durable.

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