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adidas Launch The Predator Accelerator 'Hyperlative'

Taking the recent Superlative colourway in a pleasingly retro-infused direction of pure pleasure, adidas Launch the Predator Accelerator ‘Hyperlative’, wrapping the classic ’98 silhouette in the corresponding “Blue/Core Black/White/Solar Yellow” colourway that the Predator Freak launched in.

Adidas launched the next generation of Predator back in January, known as the Freak, and it arrived as the main player in the ‘Superlative Pack’. Fair to say that, much like the Mutator before it, initial reaction to the radical redesign was mixed. Now, the Three Stripes offer a more classic adaptation, taking that launch colourway and painting it on one of the all time greats in the Predator Accelerator. Yep, this is sure to hit that sweet spot.

hyper 3-min.jpg
hyper 4-min.jpg

While the Hyperlative Predator Accelerator doesn't quite hit the heights of the Eternal Class release (what would?) we're always happy to see the iconic silhouette getting a run out. Here it gets suited up in the same colourway as the Superlative Predator Freak, matching the execution as closely as can be expected. So the base is a combination of blue and black, those famous Accelerator Three Stripes are white, and the heel cup and rubber elements take the solar yellow. Not the most iconic of colourways, but it's always nice to have a fresh take on the Accelerator.  

hyper 5-min.jpg
hyper 6-min.jpg

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Daniel Jones

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