Adidas are preparing for the next chapter of the Predator story by celebrating the iconic boot's illustrious past. This here is the adidas Predator 'Archive Mutator' and it arrives as a special edition launch that dissects Predators of old and re-builds them into a mashed-up maverick.

There's a lot to take in here, isn't there? We'll do our best to break down the boots which have been surgically swerved and stitched together, but first we'll supply of a bit of a backstory behind the project. To celebrate the glorious history of the Predator series adidas invited collectors of the boot on board to help design the project. Just 2,000 pairs have been released globally.


The Three Stripes asked @thepredcollective and @thepredatorpro to run surveys on their social medias to find out which Predators would make the cut on this special edition mash up. Unsurprisingly the response was phenomenal, and it turns out it's pretty difficult to narrow the world's favourite Predator down to a few, hence why both boots are different here. With every series and every colourway from 2004 up for debate adidas have sliced up a number of their most memorable designs for the most unique Predator boot ever.

What we're looking at here is a boot that uses a new SL rubber element to provide that trademark Predator touch, spin and power, in a new formation perhaps as a nod as what's to come in 2020. A new Primeknit collar also features, along with split tooling. The attention to detail on both the left and right boot is immense, with each piece bringing back memories of players, moments and generations of Predator magic. There's even a TR version too, again featuring cuts from the likes of the Pulse, Powerswerve, Absolute, X, LZ editions.


A special packaging has also been created to complete the story. The box has a de-bossing on the outside that mimics some of the main ingredients of the shoes, and the tissue paper shows in a tonal print all the Predators used for these intriguingly unique new boots.

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