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adidas Launch The Predator 30 With Special Edition Drop

30 years on from the debut of what was one of the most revolutionary boots of all-time, adidas release the all-new Predator 30 – a new beast with a very familiar aesthetic.

A new Predator is alway something to get a bit excited about, but the Predator 30 has another level to it. With the Predator line celebrating its 30 year anniversary, what is the 21st instalment in the franchise had to be something special – and it absolutely is. From the return of more familiar rubber elements in the forefoot to that fold-over tongue, and all wrapped up in the most classic of launch colourways… The Predator 30 is set to be as sure fire a hit as Beckham stepping up to a potentially match-winning free kick in the dying moments of a game.

predator 18-min.jpg
predator 17-min.jpg

Don’t be fooled by all the nostalgia though; while those previously mentioned elements serve to pull in those of a certain generation, there’s plenty under the hood to entice those with less miles on the clock. To start with, this is the lightest Predator ever made, ensuring top-level performance at the elite level of the game. That’s achieved in large part through the use of elevated materials throughout the upper, combined with the Control Frame 2.0, which also offers dynamic traction.

predator 14-min.jpg
predator 16-min.jpg

While the visual design elements scream a mixture of Accelerator and Mania, there’s more to it than just looks. The rubber elements, refined from both the spikes of the Mutator, Freak and more recently the Accuracy, take on a shape far more reminiscent of the previously mentioned classics from 20-odd years ago. Known as Strikeskin Technology, it improves on grip and control on the ball – hallmarks of the Predator line. The Hybrid Touch upper of the Accuracy is also given a 2.0 upgrade, improving on the last version by offering greater stability.


predator 11-min.jpg
predator 12-min.jpg

But back to those aesthetics, and the classic black, white and red is toned down all-round, with a muted “legacy Burgundy” shade of red and more of an off white, the combination having arguably not looked this good for nigh-on 20 years. The black base features a textured, almost reptilian scale effect throughout, while the brand’s new, clean performance logo looks like it was made for that tongue. Oh, and while we’re on the tongue, it's returning with a softer feel, with in-built rubber fins and a tongue strap allowing players to style the boot as they desire. Lift it and there’s even more for the nostalgia levels, with the original “Predator” wording appearing alongside those eyes – IYKYK. While we’re on it, for those that see the tongue as nothing more than a superfluous flap of leather (effectively those born post millennium for the most part), the option is there to get the Predator 30 sans tongue, as well as laceless too – options for all.

predator 7-min.jpg
predator 15-min.jpg

The number 30 sits subtly on the inside of the collar, nodding to the anniversary year, and then, as a final flourish, the word “PREDATOR” stretches right across the soleplate, from heel to toe. Only 1994 pairs will be available, referencing the year the first Predator boot was released.

predator 8-min.jpg
predator 13-min.jpg

And as if that wasn’t enough, it comes in what is one of the best boxes we’ve ever seen. Decked out to look like a briefcase, it features the Predator type font on the front, while within there’s a golden plaque with the words “Celebrating 30 years of Predator”, along with a side on image of each instalment through the years. Special.

predator 10-min.jpg
predator 9-min.jpg

Pick up the limited edition adidas Predator 30 at

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