PUMA have released their latest boot collection as we head into the final stages of the year by arming it against the winter elements with the introduction of a brand new technology to the ONE 5.1 and Future 4.1 silos.

The PUMA 'Winterized Pack' arrives as the ultimate cold-weather option for winter months as the brand have incorporated 'Thinsulate' technology into both silos. The Thinsulate 200g insulation technology retains heat and keeps your feet warm during the rawest of winter temperatures, giving the pack an innovative edge over rivals.


Launching in an ice-cold green colour scheme, the colourways complement the seasonal update that PUMA have executed. The Future 4.1 takes on a complete green wrap, while the ONE 5.1 uses its split colourway on the upper to introduce a darker vibe to the outside of the boot. Reflective laces bring an extra slice of winter ready design to both silos, while transparent white soleplates complete the look.


The 'Winterized Pack' officially lands as a PUMA limited edition drop and therefore does carry a slightly heavier price tag of £225, and although the 'Thinsulate' technology is clearly a genuine innovation to benefit performance you'll only be able to wear them on firm ground or turf pitches as PUMA won't be releasing a SG option.


Pick up the PUMA Winterized football boots at prodirectsoccer.com