Cementing the start of their colossal ten-year deal with Manchester City and complementing the launch of its first-ever City kits, PUMA launch a special “City Pack” that features the ONE 5.1 and Future 4.1, popping with City blue throughout.

PUMA got their deal with Manchester City underway with the launch of the club’s new kits for the 2019/20 season, and now that’s followed up with the “City Pack”, which sees the recently released next-generations of the ONE and Future football boots given a look that ties them to the home kit. Yeah, they're pretty much for Man City fans only. Coventry at a push... 


For the "City Pack", both the ONE 5.1 and Future 4.1 feature a black base that’s accented with the iconic City blue, notably on their bold soleplates, which boast the word ‘CITY’ running from toe to heel. The ONE 5.1 then features further pops of blue weaved through the SPRINTWEB on the lateral side of the boot, while the word ‘CITY’ appears in blue on the medial side. ONE branding then finishes the look, again in City blue, on the tongue and heel loop.

For the Future 4.1, the PUMA branding on the heel adopts the City blue colouring, as does the heel strip. Otherwise, it’s a bit more understated in its link with the Premier League champions, with no other ‘City’ callouts. With the Future 4.1 only dropping last week, this is only the second look for the next-gen boot, and it’s obviously a very particular look that will only appeal to a set collection. The Future 4.1 uses a refined system that combines both NETFIT and the 3D Havoc Frame into one layer, bringing the foot closer to the ball for improved touch and stability.


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