With a fresh coat of volt paint for the new season, Nike roll out another instalment in the "New Lights” pack, this time in the shape of the PhantomVSN. A striking look, and one that will be hard to miss on the feet of their professional players when the 2019/20 season gets underway.

Colour is the order of the day for Nike, as the PhantomVSN lands in a standout volt colourway alongside its Phantom sibling, but where the VNM features black accents, the VSN is white, offering a nice contrast between the pair. The white dominates the soleplate on the VSN, with the stud tips joining the core of the boot in volt. The Swoosh is then white, bordered by the only appearance of black, so that it stands out all the more.


The white colouring then continues on the rear foot graphic – a first for the Phantom series. With the new Mercurial heralding the “New Lights” pack when it launched recently, the PhantomVSN and VNM now pay homage, using the same rear foot graphic overlay that features that iconic “Just Do It” logo alongside Nike’s old school sportswear logo. 

Bold and bright where the recent “Under the Radar” pack was subtle and sleek, you’ll see plenty of the PhantomVSN on world football's main stages when respective 2019/20 seasons commence.


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