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Nike Launch The PhantomVSN "Game Over" Edition

Nike drop the PhantomVSN in its first new look for 2019 as part of their latest on pitch collection, known simply as the “Game Over” Pack. Bold aesthetics for strong on pitch style as the Swoosh shake things up with the Phantom series.

The PhantomVSN is the perfect foil to the much hyped PhantomVNM, which debuted on the scene today. The Phantom family is built to to work together to unlock defences, from grassroots right to the top of the game. That’s the idea anyway, the sheer precision of the pair ending things before they’ve even begun, hence "Game Over". But where a lot of the attention is inevitably going to be on the new boot on the block, the PhantomVSN should not be overlooked as it arrives for the 2019 party in its first on pitch paint job.


While there’s no new tech here, the Phantom Vision looks every part the perfect partner to the Venom, taking the same vibrant orange base colourway and accentuating it with contrasting black trim. Interestingly, it takes the rare step of not block colouring the control triangle on the instep in a complete contrasting colour, instead just highlighting it with black trim – the first time Nike have taken this approach, and it works.

So where the PhantomVNM is still an unknown quantity to a certain extent, the PhantomVSN has already been put through its paces at the top level of the game, delivering and then some. Expect the likes of Kevin De Bruyne, Fran Kirby, and Philippe Coutinho to switch into the new colourway in the coming days.


Pick up the Nike PhantomVSN at from Jan 19.


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