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David Beckham's Career in Football Boots

We're using David Beckham's birthday as another excuse to flick through the archives to pluck out our favourite photos of the England legend wearing his iconic adidas football boots.

Beckham's adidas football boots have always been in the media spotlight, from the moment he scored his halfway line goal at Selhurst Park in the adidas Predator Touch, to that stoppage time free kick against Greece in the adidas Predator Precision to take England to the 2002 World Cup. Right up until his very last professional game for PSG Becks was, and always will be, a huge chapter in the book of adidas Football history.

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As well as a few signature models, Beckham's Predators have seen their fair share of personalisation throughout the years including his trademark free-kick logo and squad numbers 7 (England & Man United), 23 (Real Madrid & LA Galaxy) and 32 (AC Milan & PSG). As the years have progressed four names have also appeared on Becks' boots: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper Seven - the names of his children.

Got a favourite David Beckham adidas Predator? Let us know. Shout them out in the comments.


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