Tapping into an era when boot design was ramping to new heights, adidas launch the Glitch19 Absolute skin, recreating the look of the 2006 World Cup Predator Absolute, worn most notably by Germany’s Michael Ballack for the tournament in his homeland.

The design of the adidas Glitch19 Absolute Skin is not a one-for-one recreation of the original Predator Absolute, rather it’s more of a homage to the 2006 OG. The wavy black Three Stripes appear in the same way across the mid foot, but the laceless Glitch obviously comes without iconic tongue, and so it’s replaced by a gold point that takes the same positioning as the tongue and laces.


Despite the lack of need for traditional stitching across the vamp in Glitch skins, it’s been faithfully recreated here in image alone for some authentic aesthetics. The gold colouring has been taken down a notch from 2006, appearing slightly fainter than the OG, but that in no way takes away from the appeal offered by the retro vibes.

The Absolute Skin has been launched at the same time as a new F50 Skin that takes inspiration from the 2005 F50 ‘Spider’ edition. But this is not the first time that adidas has dipped into its back catalogue for some Glitch-styled throwback vibes; last year the Three Stripes released a Copa Mundial skin and an F50 skin inspired by Messi's F50 Chameleon 2010 World Cup boots.


Want the Absolute skin? Download the adidas Glitch App here.