The long wait for the arrival of the Nike "Black Lux" pack in Europe is finally over as the four-silo pack, now completed by the PhantomVNM, drops across the board. It's the second official colourway of the Swoosh's youngest son, and a damn handsome one.

The "Black Lux" pack actually dropped on January 1 in the United States, but frustratingly, players have had to wait over 2 months for it to become available in Europe. Why? Only Nike know the answer to that question, but perhaps they wanted to wait until the PhantomVNM had launched so that they could release the pack in full to their strongest market. Whatever the reason, it's here now, and it's an absolute treat.


Traditional black upper with a golden Swoosh and matching details, the PhantomVNM complements the Mercurial Superfly VI, Tiempo 7 and PhantomVSN from the same collection as Nike drop the most stylish pack of 2019 thus far. As majestic as the colourways are, they won't be dished out to contracted Swoosh players, with the brand set to keep their players in the current "Game Over" pack.

When Nike release these secondary boot collections they often have an annoying tendency to only release them in FG soleplates, but the "Black Lux" packs breaks that habit by dropping in not just FG but SG and Anti-Clog options right across all silos – a move that will receive a warm welcome, especially at this time of year in Europe. Before you go, let us remind of the Mercurial, Tiempo and PhantomVSN below. It's been a while.


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