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Nike Launch The New PhantomVNM Series

Nike ramp up their 2019 antics by unleashing an onslaught of fiery finishing. Introducing the PhantomVNM series which launches to complete a Swooshed reshuffle for the new year, and kick-starts Nike's latest on pitch collection titled the "Game Over" Pack.

Created to arm attacking talent, the Phantom Venom picks up where the Hypervenom left off in being locked and loaded for shooting on sight. The Hypervenom originally replaced the T90 in Nike’s lineup, so there’s a certain amount of symmetry in seeing the PhantomVNM now take the place of the Hypervenom, dressed in modernised T90 DNA throughout. That ain't ever a bad thing.


A dramatic overhaul on a boot that sits next to the Phantom Vision as part of Nike's new look squad of silos. The "Game Over" versions of the Tiempo and Mercurial will follow in due course, but for now it's all about Nike showcasing their Phantom series – Venom (VNM) and Vision (VSN).

The PhantomVNM has been engineered for power and precision in front of goal, with a full Flyknit upper covered in a layer of Nike skin. The design increases the size of the strike zone from that of the Hypervenom by 30%, opening up the area and allowing players to have more control over the ball. This is accomplished by covering the lower part of the laces in an additional layer of Flyknit and shifting the lace system off centre.


A significant contribution to the precision and power aspect of the PhantomVNM is the inclusion of the moulded Precision Pwr strike zone – those radical black flaps – in the expanded strike zone. Working in a similar way to the grooves on a golf club, they offer optimal ball spin and control, creating powerful and precise shots. The 13 ridges of the Precision Pwr strike zone are set at specific angles and ascending heights to help keep the ball down if it is mis-hit and to provide bite on the ball.

Further ahead and a micro-texture in the toe area of the vamp has been designed for sharp little touches, usually when controlling the ball during the receiving or making of a pass.

Flip the PhantomVNM and the HyperReactive plate features a standout collection of black trim, highlighting the flex of the soleplate for multidirectional traction. The black web surrounds the chevron studs that feature from toe to heel.


It's a new generation of Nike Football innovation, and one that will spearhead the Swoosh into 2019. There's an air of familiarity about the PhantomVNM; like it's taken some of your most iconic silos and merged them into a modern mix of striking style – both in the box they arrive in, and in the one they're built to cause damage in. Expect all Nike Hypervenom players to switch into the PhantomVNM from this week onwards, including Marcus Rashford, Robert Lewandowski, Alex Morgan and Harry Kane.

Pick up the Nike PhantomVNM at from Jan 19.


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