PUMA's youngest silo takes on an early treatment of exclusivity by donning a leather suit in limited edition style. Getting straight to the point with a 'Lux' title, the PUMA One is taken in for a premium transformation of evoKNIT nature.

Besides looking the absolute business, there ain't actually that much difference between the LUX and the standard One 17.1 design. The LUX is the first predominantly black colourway on the new silhouette and incorporates a shimmering soleplate, but it's essentially pimped up One 17.1 with a textured leather coating and premium aesthetic.

PUMA have taken the best attributes frothier previous evoSPEED and evoTOUCH silos and whipped up a boot that covers all the key needs for a player. The One 17.1 is all about fit, fast and feel. Utilising their new evoKNIT technology, PUMA have ensured a snug fit and an advancement on their hi-collared game from the evoTOUCH. Throw in a requisite colourway with this impressive collaboration of tech and you're good to go.

Pick up the PUMA One Lux at prodirectsoccer.com