On the back of launching their fifth generation of the Furon series New Balance have delivered an alternative version of their speed boot. Equipped with a k-leather upper for a more traditional feel, the Furon V5 Leather opens up the brand to a wider market of players.

Not only does the leather vamp on the front of the boot replace the synthetic mesh material on the standard Furon V5 edition, it also gives the boot a more low-key aesthetic as the "Emerald Green" colourway on the forefoot is substituted for black leather; leaving the colour to bounce underneath on the soleplate.


New Balance's leading professional player Sadio Mane will remain in the standard edition, but for players looking for that bit of extra comfort they'll have to part with an extra ten big ones to bag the leather option. An understated design, but a move that takes the brand into the desirable lightweight leather speed market.

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